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Gerber File Extensions

Do you have a circuit board designed in your PCB design tool and aren't sure which files to send the manufacturer? Below is a list of typical files including Gerber file extensions and what they mean to help you decide what to send to your board fabrication house and/or your PCB assembly house.

Description Extension
Fabrication Files See OSH Park
Top Copper .GTL
Top Soldermask .GTS
Top Silkscreen .GTO
Bottom Copper .GBL
Bottom Soldermask .GBS
Bottom Silkscreen .GBO
Keep Out .GKO
Drill File .XLN
Inner Routing Layer 1 .G1
Inner Routing Layer 2 .G2
Inner Plane 1 .GP1
Inner Plane 2 .GP2
Drill Station Info File .dri
Photoplotter Info File .gpi
Mill Layer .GML
Mechanical 1 (Board Outline) .GM1
Mechanical 2 .GM2
Rule Report File .RUL
Layer Report File .LDP
Aperture Report File .APR
Unknown Binary Drill File .DRL
Drill Report .DRR
Drill File (Another format) .TXT
Assembly Files
Top Paste .GTP
Top Pad Master .GPT
Bottom Paste .GBP
Bottom Pad Master .GPB
Top Silkscreen .GTO
Bottom Silkscreen .GBO
Pick and Place Files .CSV
Assembly drawing *Any image file